Specialty Areawells

Inside Corner Areawells

Designed for windows located near wall projections such as inside corners, fireplaces and chimneys.

  • Mill Finish Inside Corner Areawall

    Mill Finish Inside Corner Areawall

  • Special location well, offering a stronger, double strength attachment points. Less excavation digging which allows for faster installation.

    Mill Finish Corner Well Flange

  • Inside Corner Diagram, Left

    Inside Corner Diagram, Right

Terrace-Step™ Egress Areawells

  • Providing an attractive option for emergency exit egress. The Terrace-Step™ Areawall enhances basement use by “up scaling” the most cost-effective egress system available.

    Terrace-Step™ Egress (PDF)
  • STONEWALL™ Terrace-Step™

    STONEWALL™ Terrace

  • Mill Finish

    Mill Finish Terrace Step

Customized Upgrade - Remodel Inside-Mount Flange

  • Mill Finish Inside Corner Areawall

  • Remodel Inside-Mount Flange shown in STONEWALL™

    • Stronger, double strength attachment points
    • Less excavation digging which allows for faster installation
    • Keyhole inside-mount holes for easy access during installation

    • Mill Finish Inside Corner Areawall

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